WP-3 by Building Care Technology Ltd.

WP-3 by Building Care Technology Ltd.

"WP-3" is light brown in color, formulated for using in plaster of outside & inside wall. "WP-3" is also self curer & high resistance to water ingress. "WP-3" should be used in all structural concrete that is constantly contact with water. More over, it increases 10 to 15% concrete strength. "WP-3" reduce 60-70% heat using instead of lime concrete.


  • Safe wall from acid rain
  • Increade durability & strength of plaster & concrete
  • Hair cracks reducer
  • Minimum curing is enough for plaster
  • Economica


  • Outside & inside plaster
  • Water reservoir plaster
  • Concrete super structures

Recommended Dosages

  • 250ml/bag of cement for inside plaster
  • 500ml/bag of cement for outside plaster
  • 500-1000ml/bag of cement for water reservoir plaster
  • 250ml/bag of cement for column & slab concrete

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