WP-1 by Building Care Technology Ltd.

WP-1 by Building Care Technology Ltd.

"WP-1" is greenish in color, chloride free waterprooing concrete admixture. It is also used as a concrete super plasticizer & as an agent of 5 to 10% water reduction. "WP-1" is easy water soluble & by using this admixture should maintain much vibration for perfect compaction without concrete segregation for getting ultimate waterproong concrete. In concrete 10 to 15% concrete strength.


  • Cotains no chloride compound
  • Comparatively achieve better concrete
  • Non toxic
  • Helps in perfect compaction
  • Less cost


  • Basement concrete
  • Underground & overhead water tank concrete
  • Sewage & water treatment tank concrete
  • Tunnels & manholes concrete

Recommended Dosages

  • 250ml to 500ml/bag of cement, depends on concrete thickness

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